Forgotten Realms 4e

Lux's Log I: A New Mission
A New Mission

I have arrived at Yaulazna. The Mote of the Five, as they call it. For one trained in the Arcane Arts such as myself, I find the construction of such a city fascinating. The ability to control the movement of an earth-mote is no small task. But then there is their is its government. I’m not sure what to make of a place run behind the scenes by “high-risk trading” companies in a dead language. But fate has its way of leading me to opportunity. Clearly there is some manner of coin to be made here. High-risk traders are always in need of hired swords. Though whether they wish to part with their bounty is often another matter entirely…. For now I wait. I’ll test the waters in a few areas looking for lucrative deals and possible assignments to undertake, for the right price of course.

It seems my waiting has paid off. A human named Xavier has brought me to the House of Jordain, of which he is apparently the leader. I suddenly find myself with a new mission, normally preferable news, made sour by a few terms. First I, of all people am required to work with a team of what can best be described as the refuge of an ogre’s meal. Tyrus, a Deva Invoker, is at least one who can match wits with me, and hold his own in a fight. The problem is his alliance with the Company Bez, where he normally resides on the Storm of Vengeance airship. Next is Barurt Whurlode, a Dwarf Cleric. He holds a hammer larger than his like for others and worships the Raven Queen of all things. Interesting… Finally, by some cruel whim of Avandra, I must work with Serin the drunk half-elf bard again. Not surprising that we met up again at the city bar.

QUEST: A Kingdom of Orcs.
Contact: Xavier
Payoff: To be announced.
Background: The Kingdom of Many-Arrows is an Orc kingdom is with trading prospects for Yaulazna. There are many of those within the Orc community who disagree with the notion of a kingdom.
Agreement: Secure the trade route from rebel Orcs.

An translator will be needed for the completion of this task. The solution is Alton Yargo, an annoying halfling and second-removed cousin to Shil Yargo. Now I must babysit two morons: a half-pint and a drunk flute player.

Aye, but I also play the drums. —Serin

We teleported down to the trade route and set out to the west-southwest, towards Dark Arrow Keep. On a side note: It seems I will be sharing this journal with my traveling companions, as it seems only the Deva has ever heard of a book.

I’ve read plenty of songbooks, thank you very much. —Serin


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