Lux Lucis



STR: 13 CON: 14 DEX: 10 INT: 20 WIS: 10 CHA: 8

AC: 21 Fort: 13 Ref: 15 Will: 12

Spd: 6 Init: +0

(Armor)Hide Armor

Adventurer’s Kit
Climber’s Kit
Flask (Empty) (5)


Lux Lucis is not what one would call “personable”. Lux is motivated by money and opportunity to increase his strength. As such, he is a professional bounty hunter. He holds few hostilities with Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Half-Elves, but few other Genasi seem to tolerate the sight of him, considering him to be an oddity. Lux loves a good fight, be it one he himself is participating in or one he is merely watching. Ever the profiteer, he’ll place bets on the winner with whatever unlucky sap happens to disagree with him. Other than that, he finds little need to speak unless he can make a profit from it. He respects and admires any sort of engineering or magic.

At first glance, Lux looks no different than any human. Even other Genasi have trouble identifying him as one of their own, with the exception of other Stormsoul, who can sense his static build-up. Unlike most Genasi, who show their szuldar with pride, Lux covers his up with a long and tattered cloak. While he never has told anyone the reason, it may be that, unlike most Genasi, his szuldar is not on his face, but on his sword-wielding left arm. His strange way of dressing and lack of szuldar on his face leads him to be exiled by other Genasi, which may attribute to his loner nature. His weapon is always charged with electricity, not enough to hurt someone, but enough to make them jump if they touch it.

Lux Lucis is known by Lux to his friends, Lucis to his clients, and Thunderblade to his foes. He makes few friends due to his nature, but many have come to respect him as a worthy combatant. One such instance occurred with an Assassin who was sent to kill a client Lux was protecting. The Assassin and Lux locked in a stalemate battle, until the two decided to instead split the bounty for the target’s head. Recently, Lux finished escorting Serin the Bard to Yaulazna and is currently looking for his next bounty.

Lux Lucis

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